Thursday 23rd February is National Toast Day and whether you like butter, jam or eggs on your toast, there's no denying we are a nation of toast lovers. In fact, 94.2 million slices are eaten every day! 

But how do you make the perfect slice of toast? Experts say that it should be evenly toasted all over and have the look of builders tea.

Bread should be a medium thickness. Too thin and it will be too crispy, too thick and it won't toast in the middle. The bread should be stored in a bread bin at room temperature and you should wait 17 seconds before adding butter to stop the toast becoming soggy.

If you want to get even more scientific about it, follow Dr Dom Lane's example. He went through 2000 slices of toast to determine the perfect formula for toasting. He found that 14mm is the ultimate thickness for the bread. Pop it into a 900w microwave, turn the dial to 'number five out of six' and toast for 216 seconds. Then spread the toast with 0.44g butter per square inch.

Now add your favourite toppings. If you're going to use a knife and fork (for toppings like beans) keep the slices whole. For spreads, cut into two triangles.

What are your favourite things to eat on toast?