When it comes to hot cross buns are you a traditionalist or are you always looking for something a little bit different? Even a classic hot cross bun is versatile and can be used in many ways. Below are six ways to eat hot cross buns including some ideas for stale buns. Don't forget that Chatwins hot cross buns are two packs for £2.50 so you can have your traditional bun AND try something new!

Bacon Bap

Last years trend was to replace the bread in a bacon sandwich or bap with a hot cross bun. It's not for everyone and definitely divided opinions!

French Toast

A quick treat to use up left over buns. Simply use hot cross bun slices instead of bread in any french toast or eggy bread recipe.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Another way to use up less than fresh buns by combining two classic recipes. If you love bread and butter pudding then try this Easter twist. Find the recipe here.

Ice Cream Sandwich

We're all hoping for the sun to make an appearance this Bank Holiday weekend. If we do get nice weather try sandwiching vanilla ice cream in a toasted hot cross bun.

Croutons or Crostini

Cut into even sized cubes or thin slices, toss in olive oil and grated parmesan and toast in the oven. Serve on salad or topped with cheese and chutney.

Creme Egg Toastie

If you've got a sandwich press or toastie maker this one is for you. Slice a hot cross bun, butter both sides and sandwich back together with a creme egg inside. Put in the sandwich press and toast until golden.

Will you try a different way of eating hot cross buns this Easter?